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Simon Capp Early Harps
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The Italian Dramatic Lament

The Catacoustic Consort

Fabellae Sacrae - Italien Motets of the 17th Century - Savadi

Pan Classics PC 10208

         Becky Baxter


Marie Bournisien



“I think your large triple is perfect for late 16th and 17th Italian music. The tone is unmatched by any other similar instrument built by the other harp makers of historical harps. I think I have heard most, if not all, of them. There are several very pretty sounding triples to choose from but in the end, if a harpist wants to do Italian music, yours is the triple harp to own and play.”

Nanja Bredijk


Vêpres de Maria”

Claudio Monteverdil

ensemble instrumental ‘Caryatide’

groupe vocal ‘Ex Tempore’

Direction Florian Heyerinck.


Il Nuovo Stile

Domenico Belli

Le Poème Harmonique

Estienne Moulinié

Le Poème Harmonique

Lamentations de Emilio de’Cavalieri

Le Poème Harmonique

Il Fásolo ?”

Le Poème Harmonique

Plaisir d’Amour

Le Poème Harmonique

A Doi Tenori

(Gilles Ragon et Bruno Boterf)

Benedetto Ferrari

Philippe Jaroussky - soprano

Selva Morale” de Claudio Monteverdi

ensemble Akadêmia

direction Françoise Lasserre.


L’Ormindo de Cavalli,

avec ensemble Les Paladins,

direction Jerôme Correas.


Dapne sur Les Ailes du Vent ensemble XVIII-21

J-Chr. Frisch.

Schütz – Histoire de la Nativité ensemble Akadêmia  

direction Françoise Lasserre.

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