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"Great sound,  just the thing for two voice dances and chants in parallel intervals."
Geoff Huggins - Arpa Doble

Based on numerous iconographical sources, and the surviving neck and pillar of a medieval harp in the Louvre Paris.

This harp has a sycamore neck and pillar, and a willow soundbox. It comes in two versions: single row with 20 strings tuned f-d”’, and 'arpa doble' with two rows of strings tuned in opposite unison pairs as in the tryptich circa 1390,  in the Monasterio de Piedra , Spain. 

This harp is now also available as a larger model with range C-d'''.

Arpa Doble sound:


Harp for sale

This Arpa Doble decorated by Jemima Jameson is currently for sale.

Price £2200.00 

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