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Medieval single row harp f-d'''

GBP 1250.00

Cover GBP 150.00

Medieval 'Arpa Doble' f-d'''

GBP 1500.00

Cover GBP 150.00

Large Medieval harp c-d'''

GBP 1750.00

Cover GBP 200.00

Large Medieval 'Arpa Doble' c-d''' 

GBP 2000.00

Cover GBP 200.00

Gothic harp

GBP 2500.00

Cover GBP 200.00

Este Harp

GBP 4000.00

Cover with wheels GBP 250.00

Small Italian Triple Harp

GBP 6000.00

Cover with wheels GBP 300.00

Large Italian Triple Harp

GBP 7000.00

Cover with wheels GBP 350

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